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Space Ship Snoop Dogg Pounds Glass Water Pipe Famous Brandz

Space Ship Snoop Dogg Pounds Glass Water Pipe Famous Brandz



Snoop Dogg POUNDS | Spaceship Puck Rig

POUNDS has brought out a new piece of glassware to help you get that extraterrestrial high! The Spaceship is a smaller brother to the Battleship, both made for concentrates but the Spaceship being the more portable of the two. Standing at 6" it's small but strong, ready for concentrate connoisseurs and new dabbers alike!

Snoop Dogg Bong - Ruffled Filter

The Spaceship comes with an interior as modern as its name! The new ruffled percolator helps filter smoke through water giving it a cleaner taste and cooling it down. In between a cyclone and ufo perc, this style is made up by a disk with slanted cuts along the side which give it a really interesting effect while in use! The ruffle is guaranteed to improve your session.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Domed Dab

The dome around the dab nail makes the Spaceship ideal for both group sessions and individual hits. The circular effect helps contain the vapors for a more consistent hit, and simultaneously means little is wasted while the piece is passed around! Domed dab nails are easier to use than domeless, and make the best out of your concentrates or essential oils. The Spaceship also comes with a quartz banger in the box, ideal for maintaining heat during your session by keeping the dome closed from the air. Between both sections your sessions will be speedy and slicker than ever before!

Snoop Dogg Bong - Design

In keeping with the rest of the POUNDS collection of glassware, the Spaceship comes in a gorgeous white box with a clean interior. Available in 4 colors, including 1 unique per style, it can be purchased in classic clear, bold black, wicked white, and grass green! While it may be short, this only adds to its benefits. A smaller rig can be brought around very easily and put away with ease. It also adds to its stability, meaning less mess or risk for accidents! The design is very interesting, with a curved mouthpiece away from the nail for safety.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Functionality

With a small rig there can be worries about potency, but let me tell you this device delivers! A smaller piece requires less water which means no possibility for splash back, but it also means more smoke per hit. Even with less water there's the same outcome, meaning the potential is immense. Cleaning is minimal too, an important factor to consider when purchasing a bong. With a smaller area to cover you only have to spend a little time on it, and your cleaning costs will be cheaper than ever before. We here at

There might be a galaxy of short bongs already available but the Spaceship is the ideal piece to start exploring with. A modern piece of glassware with an intricate design, it will propel you to new heights with its impressive rig and ruffled percolator. From Snoop Dogg himself, this is one piece that will keep delivering.

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