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Spaceship Snoop Dogg Pounds Glass Water Pipe Dab Rig Famous Brandz

Spaceship Snoop Dogg Pounds Glass Water Pipe Dab Rig Famous Brandz


Snoop Dogg Famous Brandz Starship

• High-quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass
• Perfect for use with dry herbs and waxy concentrates
• Beaker base design
• Fixed 14.5mm male slitted diffuser downstem
• Removable 14.5mm female herb bowl with roll stopper handle
• Removable 14.5mm female quartz banger
• Purple glass accents on mouthpiece and bowl
• Purple decal on body
• Comes in a decorative box

Portable yet powerful—this extraordinary water pipe will have you seeing stars! An impressively efficient 6-inch height marks the most travel-ready pipe in Snoop Dogg’s acclaimed POUND collection. Where previous collabs have sacrificed quality for name-dropping, this one-of-a-kind line isn’t holding back when it comes to high-end construction. “The Starship” is crafted from premium 5mm thick borosilicate glass with an extra-thick base that’s signature a move in this collection’s style. Both dry herbs and waxy extracts will be launched into peak performance when complemented by such a superior delivery system. Simply load your material into the 14.5mm male bowl or quartz banger and witness the transformation as smoke is softened across a bed of water and diffused through the slitted downstem. The widened beaker base maximizes water filtration and adds stability to the silhouette. You won’t find yourself hiding this mad-science pipe away in the corner, it’s worth showing off!

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