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Cosmic Fog e Juice

The creators of Cosmic Fog e-juice are expert mixologists. If you are seeking unique and original flavor combinations for your vaping sessions, Cosmic Fog offers exciting choices for every vaper. Hood Vapes offers the entire product line of Cosmic Fog e-juice online for you to choose from.

Cosmic Fog Vapors is a California-based company whose mission is to develop and create high quality, unique, all-day e-liquids. After a process of research and development, each flavor receives a minimum of 7 months of taste-testing by the mixers and founders of the company before being added to the product line. During the bottling process, all e-liquids are filtered 5 times, then bottled, labeled, and wrapped in a cleanroom environment to protect the contents from contaminants.

Choose from flavors like the sherbet-inspired Neon Cream, or Dapple Whip, a satisfying mixture of Granny Smith apples and creamy caramel from the Lost Fog Collection. Or, if you’re looking for something light and silky, try the Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey e-liquid for a smooth and satisfying vape.

Hood Vapes is proud to offer the Cosmic Fog e-juice collections for sale. Whether you’re already a fan or you’re still searching for a favorite, you’re sure to find a unique flavor from the high-quality e-liquids created by Cosmic Fog.